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This page hosts user contributed installation guides and HowTo's for various operating systems and distributions.

Note: The system-specific installation notes provided here are community contributions, generally added by someone who used the system in question and wanted to share the install procedure with the user community. They are not all continuously updated by their contributors, and some may be out-of-date (a good clue that a set of instructions is out of date would be any reference to CVS). Please bring outdated instructions to the attention of the user community on the xastir mailing list.

Attention Raspberry Pi enthusiasts! See instructions under "Raspbian" below.


All of the build instructions below assume you are following directions in order. If you skip any steps, notably in the instructions of what prerequisite packages or tools to install, some step will fail. At any stage, if you see error messages about tools, libraries, or headers missing, it means you skipped a step, or some prior step had an error message that you didn't pay attention to. Please review the instructions line by line and make sure you've installed everything we told you to install before attempting the next step. By far, some of the most common complaints we get about the installation of Xastir are the result of missing packages due to incorrectly copied command lines or skipped steps.

For the impatient

General Notes





  • Install xastir-cvs in the Arch User Repository




  • Fedora -- use "yum install xastir" (works, but not always the latest features)
  • HowTo:Fedora - Installing Xastir from CVS (Fedora 7 through Fedora 20. Also known to work with CentOS and other RedHat like distros.)
    • HowTo:AX25_Fedora Using Kernel level AX.25 Network services with Xastir and Fedora (Fedora 9 and later)
  • HowTo:Fedora6 - Install FC-6 Linux + Xastir


  • GenToo Linux -- use "emerge xastir"

Linux Mint



  • HowTo:Raspbian - How to install XASTIR on Raspbian (Stretch, Jessie, or Buster) from Source via Github


Mac OS X

There are a few different ways to install on Mac OS X: