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Keep It Simple!

KISS is a protocol supported by many TNC's. Xastir supports using a TNC in KISS mode. Code for this is included in interface.c. KISS interfaces may be added in similar manner as most other Xastir interfaces, by using the "Interface" menu and selecting the "Interface Control" option.

Xastir can set certain TNCs into KISS mode, at startup, but does not currently include a built in method to take the TNC back out, at shutdown. A script is included with the distribution.


Some useful notes from the Xastir user mailing list, regarding KISS mode

Curt WE7U writes:

The "Init KISS mode on startup" button was added to support one and only one type of TNC. The commands to do so are hard-coded into Xastir. This code was either contributed or asked for (can't remember which now) by one european ham who needed it for his model of TNC. For the most part, ignore that option.

None of the developers have felt the need (so far) to have configurable files to set up a TNC for KISS/take it back out of KISS mode when starting/stopping interfaces. If they had the code would have been written by now. Most people that run KISS TNC's keep them in that mode all the time for reliability reasons. Many people used to replace the factory EPROM with a special KISS EPROM that would do nothing else.

Ray VK2TV writes:

I run KISS only EPROM's in 4 MFJ1270B's on my Linux system. I found the KISS only EPROM offered two advantages over a Native Mode EPROM that contained KISS.

1. The TNC never comes out of KISS mode unexpectedly. 2. The KISS only EPROM solved many strange timing problems that the Native Mode EPROM exhibited when in KISS mode. Things like transmitting over incoming data, not transmitting data that the computer sent to the TNC, etc, all went away when the KISS only EPROM was used.

Bob, N7XY writes:

The nice thing about those EPROMS is that they don't mysteriously drop out of KISS mode unexpectedly. Unfortunately KISS EPROM images are only available for TAPR TNC2s and their many clones (MFJ, DRSI. Paccomm, Symek). These aren't easy to find anymore because some of the chips used have long been discontinued, however the Tiny-2 is still on Paccomm's web site. MFJ 1270s often show up at hamfests and swap meets. There are even a few TNCs on ebay right now.

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