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No changes necessary now for Mac OS X!

If you intend to run with GDAL installed, you may find that geotiff projection doesn't work. To avoid this, install libtiff, libproj, and libgeotiff first, then configure GDAL with --with-libtiff=/path/to/libtiff --with-geotiff=/path/to/geotiff

It's important to not choose "yes" or "internal". You may also want --with-libz=yes

If you have trouble building GDAL you may need this patch:

    ---     7 Jan 2004 20:52:29 -0000       1.130
    +++     30 Jan 2004 22:08:58 -0000
    @@ -78,8 +78,8 @@

     CPPFLAGS       = @CPPFLAGS@ -I$(GDAL_ROOT)/port
                      @EXTRA_INCLUDES@ $(USER_DEFS)

     RANLIB         =       @RANLIB@

You may want to install everything to /sw though, so that the normal user can find it easily and add maps. To do this, run this instead:

       ./configure --prefix=/sw

That will cause Xastir to be installed in /sw/xastir/* directories, and the executable will go into /sw/bin/xastir.

Ports have been contributed to MacPorts. This will be updated with instructions when those are committed.

Here's a web page which has specific instructions for installing on OSX, including a binary version of Xastir (no compiling necessary):