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Debian Squeeze Binary Installation

For the impatient and those that just don't want to bother with compiling from source in order to use a newer version of Xastir, there's a user provided binary package that can be installed with only a few mouse clicks.

The binary package for Xastir that is available in the Debian 6 repository is old and lacks key bug fixes as well as online OpenStreetMap support.

Providing a more up to date alternative, the latest user-provided Xastir binary can be downloaded via the link below:

Be sure the gdebi package is installed. Gdebi can be installed using the following commands (via the root user).

 apt-get update
 apt-get install gdebi

(If gdebi is already installed, the apt-get application will simply report that and not try to install anything)

Once downloaded, installing the Xastir package is as simple as double clicking the file in the file manager (nautilus). Right clicking and choosing "install with gdebi" may also be an option depending on the desktop installed.

The package will installed by the GUI installer, gdebi, which will automatically install any required dependencies.