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Use Cases

Use cases are specific descriptions of how actors interact with the system to do something useful. Each use case details the steps the actor and system perform, in a high-level sense, to accomplish the use. Use cases drive development and also serve to drive testing.

In development of Xastir-NG, we'll identify key use cases and target early development of code to get those use cases working.

During enumeration of use cases, we might find that it is necessary to modify the Requirements.

In this initial list I've just suggested a handful of basic use cases by name. Each of these will need elaboration, which should be done by creating a new wiki page for that use case. In the few cases that have been elaborated, these are suggestions for how to write use cases, not final specifications of the use case.

Xastir-NG Use Cases:

Obviously this list will grow dramatically as we proceed. The list of use cases above is only a suggestion. Many of these will turn out to be sequences of lower-level use cases, and many more will need to be generated to make a useful system specification.

Identification of the most basic use cases for early implementation will be an important step in development planning.