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Here we attempt to list most of the Xastir developers and contributors who have devoted large amounts of time to making Xastir one of the best APRS(tm) clients ever. Unfortunately we can't devote much time to keeping this list current or adding new contributors.

Xastir was originally written by Frank Giannandrea, KC2GJS (was KC0DGE).

APRS(tm) is a Trademark of Bob Bruninga

Developers and Contributors (in alphabetical order by callsign):

  DK7IN    Rolf Bleher
  HI8GN    Jose R Marte A
  IK0YUP   Alessandro Frigeri
  K4JH     Javier Henderson (donated the VM!)
  KA9KIM   Mike Sims
  KB3EGH   Derrick Brashear
  KB3EHW   Reuven Gevaryahu
  KC2ELS   Jack Twilley
  KD5AMB   Mark Grennan
  KD6VPE   Jim Sevilla
  KD6ZWR   Chris Bell
  KE4NFJ   Gerald Stueve (K4INT)
  KG4IJB   Charles Byam
  KM5VY    Tom Russo
  N0VH     Jim Chandler
  N2YGK    Alan Crosswell
  N3NYN    Michael G Petry
  N7IPB    Ken Koster
  N7TAP    Olivier Calle
  N8YSZ    Dan Brown
  PE1DNN   Henk de Groot
  VE3UNW   Richard Hagemyer
  VE6LFM   Lloyd Miller
  WE7U     Curt Mills

SmartBeaconing(tm) was invented by Tony Arnerich (KD7TA) and Steve Bragg (KA9MVA) for the HamHUD project. They offer the algorithm to other authors as long as proper credit is given and the term SmartBeaconing(tm) is used to describe it. So be it. Thanks Tony and Steve!

Thanks go to all the people who have made individual contributions to the Xastir project by sending bug-reports, patches, or who have otherwise supported the project. There are too many to list. If you'd like to help, a good place to start is the HowTo:Contributing page.

If you think that you are missing from this list contact the Xastir Development Team at <> or at <>.