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How To Gate A Few Stations To Local RF

First, recognize that Xastir should NOT be used to gate a bunch of stations/objects/items to local RF. The local RF frequency most likely cannot handle the load, but even if it could, fellow amateurs on that frequency won't be happy with you doing so.

That being said, it's usually fine to gate a FEW stations/objects/items to local RF. Most local hams won't even notice as long as you keep usage minimal.

Enabling Gating

Enable igating globally: File -> Configure -> Defaults


Enable gating on a per-interface basis: Interface -> Interface Control -> Specific Interface(s)

Note: It says "-AND-" above. You need BOTH to make igating to RF work.

Then: View the README file, section "(7) GATING WEATHER ALERTS". It will tell you how to gate specific stations through to RF. Sorry, we don't make it easy because we don't want this to be easy... Too much potential for screwing up the local RF frequency.