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This is a starting point:

This worked for me, but required some additional tweaking.

Ubuntu installs Xastir in /usr/local/share/xastir, but Xastir looks for its files in /usr//share/xastir, so I've had to mkdir the directories Xastir is looking for, and copy files to the new directories etc...

Rather than manually copy all the files and directories, I did this, open the file manager, Nautilus, as root with the following terminal command:

sudo nautilus

Then, I navigated to /user/local/share, and right clicked on Xastir, then selected copy. Then, I navigated to /usr/share, right clicked on share and selected paste.

Then I killed Nautilus, ran Xastir, and it ran with out any errors.

Apparently, this was caused by my loading Xastir as a binary, and then loading the CVS version. To avoid future problems, I edited xastir.cnf so all references to /usr/share, where changed to /usr/local/share.

I've just finished installing a machine with Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, here's what I did First enable the universe repository, then sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo apt-get install ssh build-essential cvs autoconf automake1.9 python-dev xorg-dev lesstif2-dev

sudo apt-get install libax25-dev gpsman gpsmanshp proj libmagick9-dev libgdal1-dev libdb4.4-dev

Then I downloaded xastir from CVS.

With your favourite editor edit the "scripts/" script under the xastir source tree. Search for a line beginning with "ALL" and change it to look like:

ALL=" \ \"

You will also need to modify it to reflect your directory structure by changing the XASDIR variable near the top of the script.

Run the script, after it completes (and hopefully installs the three packages), go back to the xastir source directory and now you should be ready to run



sudo make install

and continue with the normal install process.

Playing Sound

Once you have downloaded, and installed your sound files, go to file/configure/audio alarms, and the top of that window is a box labeled audio play command, change play, to aplay, close out, save your configuration, and restart Xastir. Now your audio alarms should play.