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Hello Xastir Community!

My name is Bill Zimmerly and I am a retired computer programmer and published author.

I live in Hillsboro, Missouri, USA, and love the rural life.

My APRS device is a Kenwood TH-D72A [1] that I purchased on Saturday, 10/01/2011 from HRO in Atlanta, Georgia, USA while visiting a friend. I'm a General Class operator, licensed since 1986, and my call sign is KA0YKO.

I download Xastir on 10/05 and had it configured and running on my Ubuntu 11.04 Linux workstation by 10/07.

With the possible exception of the GPS functionality, it seems to be running okay. I keep seeing (in the bottom left corner) a GPS status that keeps alternating between the following text:

GPS: Sats/View: 00 Fix: Valid SPS -AND- GPS: Sats/View: 07 Fix: Invalid

What could this mean? I don't know yet, but I'll start grep'ing the source code to see if I can decipher it.

I know that the GPS is running fine, for when I run minicom in a terminal session, I can see the NMEA sentences being blasted out okay.

Thank you for writing this program and setting up this community. I hope to be a contributer myself as soon as I can.

- Bill
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