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Where to Get Maps for Xastir

Internet Mapping

Xastir has support for internet maps out-of-the-gate, if you compile Image``Magick and either wget or libcurl support into it. You'll have access to these maps:

  • OpenStreetMaps
  • Terraserver topographical maps (U.S.)
  • Terraserver satellite images (U.S.)
  • Radar Weather map (U.S.)
  • Toporama 50k topographical maps (Canada)
  • Toporama 250k topographical maps (Canada)

Downloadable Local Maps

Vector Maps

Raster Maps

Point Maps

  • old format GNIS files with "estimated population" field. These work better for mapping in Xastir, which uses the population estimate to filter populated places at different zoom levels.
  • GNIS map data This new data is only usable in very recent versions of Xastir, and is not fully functional due to the missing population counts.
  • GNIS map data
  • Populated Places GNIS data
  • Hint: run the get-gnis script that is included with Xastir to grab your state's GNIS data and put it in the proper location for Xastir to find it. Usage: ./get-gnis ST (where ST is the two-character US state abberviation). If you installed from source, the script is probably in /usr/local/share/xastir/scripts/.

Downloadable Local Data

FCC/RAC Ham Lookup Data

  • FCC Ham Database
  • RAC Ham Database
  • Hint: run the script that comes with Xastir to grab these files and put them in the right place automatically. If you installed from source, the script is probably in /usr/local/share/xastir/scripts/.

Geocode Data. Used for "Find Address" function