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Pre-built binaries for some systems are available, but are not guaranteed to be up-to-date. These binaries are typically provided as a convenience by Xastir users for the benefit of others running the same operating system version, and are not directly part of the Xastir project.

Please see the Installation Notes page for detailed, up-to-date installation instructions for a variety of systems if you can't find an up-to-date binary for download. Page edited 16 Feb 2018 to remove outdated links to binary downloads, and all sections that simply told you do do a source build. If you don't find your system here, the default answer is that you have to build from source. See the Installation_Notes page.

Bootable CD's (no OS or even hard drive required)

Note: These links contain ancient OS versions and extremely old versions of Xastir. List pruned to remove dead links on 16 Feb 2018. I hesitated even to leave the live links in because they have such old versions.

  • Bootable Ubuntu/Xastir CD. A modified Ubuntu 8.04 live CD that includes Xastir


  • Both a binary package and a port are available. Type "pkg_add -r xastir" to fetch the relevant binary for your release, or update your ports tree and use the port to get the latest version. To install from the ports collection (after updating your ports tree), just do
    • cd /usr/ports/comms/xastir
    • make install clean
    • You will be prompted for various options, and the ports system will make sure that all necessary libraries are installed before building Xastir.
  • Or: Install from sources. See the README and INSTALL files in the Xastir distribution.


  • Gentoo
    • emerge xastir -pv
    • if there is a later stable build than what it returns:
      • cp xastir-oldvers.ebuild xastir-newvers.ebuild
      • ebuild xastir.ebuild digest
      • emerge xastir -pv # To double-check
      • emerge xastir # To compile, install
  • SuSE/OpenSuSE
    • HowTo:OpenSUSE_11.0 Instructions for a binary install on OpenSuSE-11.0
    • SuSE . Do NOT use any 1.2.0 or older versions that come on the SuSE CD's: They are difficult to upgrade due to directory changes in later versions.
  • Or install from sources. See the README and INSTALL files in the Xastir distribution.
  • Ubuntu

Note: While these internal links to the wiki still work, they refer to versions of Ubuntu that are years past their end-of-life.